Teni Case [Music Review]

Teni Case Music Review


Artiste: Teni

Title: Case

Featured Artiste: Tems & Justin Bieber

Genre: Afro-pop/Beat

Track Duration: 3:22Mins

Released Date: October 2, 2019

Reviewer: Imran 

Teni Case Music Review

Teni Makanaki is a professional Nigerian singer with excessive talent, her musical gift is overload and fit.

She has been the face of that strangely modified sounds of her kind, it is not limited nor weak, her pattern is accurately suitable.

And the magnitude of fanbase she establish is serious, her sense of humor is all over her tongue and voice.

However, Case song is a single vocal track with no collaborative feature, the super star single vocally filled up the song alone.

In many cases she demonstrate her qualitative talent, the creativity she invest on the track is extremely special and exceptional.
She display her form of vocal beauty tremendously, such stars did not have peace with underrated sounds.

Meanwhile, this amazing track has three verses part and a chorus and is all by Teni alone. The song is a transform of an Afro-pop fusion with some trace of other notes.

And the instrumental follow the stars icon incredibly, it somehow seem like it is made out of her own vocals.

Moreover Teni Makanaki drive in her lyrical flows far deep in the structured notes and her vocals modify it all intensively. She display her creative mind either vocally or lyrically, and neither she let her stylish pattern out.

Case track can somehow be regarded as a strangely conceptual love song with flawless nature, it is a good track to anticipate.

Teni Makanaki did not sound out this only track in this nature, somehow this stylish pattern is another quality among her qualities as an artiste.



The kind of commitment and efforts she is emphasizing  on her sound is uniquely exceptional, as she simultaneously feed on with great enticing master piece.

This remarkably picture out her talent quality and purity.

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