Skales Kpakurukpa [Music Review]

Skales Kpakurukpa Music Review


Artiste: Skales

Title: Kpakurukpa

Genre: Afrobeat

Track Duration: 3:35Mins

Released Date: April 29, 2022

Reviewer: Imran 


 Kpakurukpa Music Review

Kpakurukpa sound track is an Afrobeat fusion style that tune up ginger feelings and vibes of every kind.

The masterpiece is made by the Nigerian super talented singer popularly known as Skales. Skales is a highly celebrated icon globally, his sounds touch many angles of the planet.

However, Kpakurukpa track somehow become anthem across the streets, which impact his fanbase well.

Eventually, this track softly reveal its quality, with many indications this has been emphasized, and still reigning. And also Skales qualitatively enhance with nicely decorated punch lines, his lyrical sorcery is beyond neglection.

This sweet song consist of multiple modified verses by the super icon and it is well melodically handled by him alone.

Moreover, the song chorus is a sweetheart anthem with a current modern vibe, the temptation is enticing exciting.

He develop joinable vocals, twist it around the beat notes and compound this to mighty sound work. He is no doubt a professional.

Mainly, his efforts has been in play for many years but this particular track, display his pure creativity and talent. Somehow, his capabilities are well obvious and strong, the great sound Kpakurukpa explain it all.

The song production standard is of the highest level, the beats frequency is strongly crafted with full creativity.
This masterpiece is with all qualities a hit trendy craft, crafted and modified perfectly professional, with full qualification is a high class exclusive standard.



Skales vibe on this ginger track seemingly relate to his previous known hit banger tracks and more, the sound tone and patterns are well established and fully strategize.

This track is an anthem, a banger, Hit or what so ever relates to its quality perfectly.

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