Shon – Runaway [Music Review]

Shon Runaway Music Review
Shon Runaway Music Review

Shon Runaway Music Review

Artiste: Shon

Title: Runaway

Genre: Afro-pop

Track Duration: 2:51Mins

Released Date: August 4, 2022

Reviewer: Abdulmatin

Read Review Of Runaway By Shon

Shon is an upcoming artist making his way through with an up pen game which displays his unique features and exclusivity.

Runaway is a well cooked melody which makes no effort but entertains it listener, his entrance into the music industry is with up roar and rise of a Prince Charming.

Intellectually customized words and story direction. His pen game has scored him four track Ep which was released barely some weeks ago called the the fantasizer.

Sweetly done sound track full of perfection, clarification and qualification, yhis is a song that can penetrate through without any obstruct.

The track title is Runaway and is by the newly emerge Maestro Nigerian singer, full of talent, bless with brilliance and wisdom.

This particular potential super star is named Shon and he has some excessive talent with creativity beyond comparison.

And this track, Runaway by Shon is a strong melody full of charismatic lyrics, the enticing lyrics are deeply sensational. No needy soul can listen away this good sound track because it has some magically compelling style and pattern.

Runaway track is by the star alone without collaboration, he singly vocally make out best track trending type.

The kind of expression of the lines in the track is something very strong to avoid, it has some melody that can capture any listening ear.

It is a double verse track with a chorus and some other musical modification features inserted deep in the beat notes.

Not to talk of the sweet constructed tone Shon make in many parts of the track, his nice vocals alone, intensify the song.

And seeing the artiste talent in display, one can notice another musical dimension of afro-pop pattern, his sweet tongue only can vouch that.

Shon intelligently define his talent, he demonstrate his capabilities and potentiality obviously musical, this new talent in place is very broad.

Eventually this talented star will by all indication produce anther path of music, he calmly make out the sweet track confidently special.

Nothing faulty or less qualitative about this track and the artiste thus the artiste quality fully determine the song quality, and anticipation.

So far he manage to enlarge his fan base beneficially, his fans are now too eager to have another taste of his talent on their ears panels.

Runaway track is track of a potential super star with great potentiality and high magnitude of standard, the quality is obviously demonstrated.

Runaway by Shon is rated 7.5/10


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