Runtown International Badman Killer [Music Review]

Runtown International Badman Killer Music Review


Artiste: Runtown

Title: International Badman Killer

Genre: Afrobeat

Track Duration: 3:23Mins

Released Date: August 06, 2019

Reviewer: Imran 

 International Badman Killer Music Review

This is the work of maestros with excessive talent that can easily burst out their brains out, it is the work of miracle music maker and a living Legend.

International Badman Killer track belongs to the world good music listeners and it is made by the great music maker Runtown.

Runtown is a Globally celebrated Nigerian singer, with many global impact he show his musical capabilities in every manner required.

The power of his unique vocals and the magic of his words tremendously increment his global status as a singer, it is not fair to say he is not.

Somehow, this great Icon abilities are strongly demonstrated in many of his work but most especially this particular sound style.

He emerge in new pattern of his own in the music industry, which gives him the chance to display all his talent musically special,

The Lyrical pattern on this track align with many of his work that hit out loudly across the planet, this indicate the amazing strange and unique nature of Runtown.

Meanwhile his chorus always differ from other special artiste as he is, but it is a good feature to be unique from other best.

Importantly, this particular track called International Badman Killer by this High standard singer Runtown make many waves of trending nature.

It is with great pleasure, Runtown took all the verses and the chorus alone without collaboration, he sings perfectly special that does not require any addition.

Although all the verses are not too long but too nice, it is jus a tremendous of way good project. Looking into the overall song, it is clear that the songs production is also an advancing angle of the project.

Seemingly, the passion of the creative mind behind the production coordinate that of the artiste.



The alignment of the two creative mind leads to the ultimate production of the whole masterpiece, nothing in the song is less than the song quality.

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