Rugar Warning [Music Review]

Rugar Warning Music Review


Artiste: Rugar

Title: Warning

Genre: Afro-pop

Track Duration: 3:55Mins

Released Date: June 16, 2022

Reviewer: Imran 

 Warning Music Review

Rugar is a precious singer that deserves any award of honor as he always set out to give out his best musically.

Rugar talent is unlimited and special, this renders the way of his elevation in the music industry all over.

Warning track is by this amazing artiste, he knows perfectly how to decorate his lines and flows in any kind of beat.
This implies the stars quality qualitatively, his pattern of music has elevate his nature of singing alone on track.

One can not deny the quality of his talent and none could resist his enchanted lyrics, most especially, Women.

And it is not fair to overlook this kind of talent, he alone could sing a whole album alone and no bad songs can be trace.

However his music has define all you need to know about his quality, and again the patterns he normally knows which fits well.

Warning track is all about the life situations with envious and jealous attributes, this is an experience expression.
The track contain three good verses and a sweet chorus of his kind, the excessive flows he has seems unlimited.

He there by took all the verses on the song and together with the chorus, without a failure he make a great sound piece.

It is awesome how he possess some sort mature lines and flows, his vocals also can not be left out, it is the best part.


The way this track sound is differently amazing and brilliantly arranged, his intelligence and talent are excess.
And lastly this is the kind of track that deserve repeat option on a music player, and it is the way his sounds are treated.

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