Omah Lay Ye Ye Ye [Music Review]

Omah Lay Ye Ye Ye Music Review


Artiste: Omah Lay

Title: Ye Ye Ye

Genre: Afro-pop

Track Duration: 3:27Mins

Released Date: December 22, 2020

Reviewer: Imran 

Ye Ye Ye Music Review


Popular extraordinary talented singer and producer famously known as Omah Lay feeds fan on again with another anthem called Ye Ye Ye.

The super talented icon is a globally known Nigerian singer and producer with great conceptual sense of humor, his taste of melody is special.

Ever since his emergence into the music industry, his work has been miraculously advancing, his talent is specially exceptional.

This strong masterpiece titled Ye Ye Ye by Omah Lay is an Afro-pop, intertwined in different conceptual manner which is part of his first Ep titled Get Laid.

Essentially, this song concept drives to ‘getting laid’ dimension, technically professionally constructed and cleverly scripted. The song Lyrics by the amazing super star describe the level of sexual experience, some sort of tempting vibes and patterns he used on the beat.

His kind of sound penetrates deeply into the music industry without any obstruction, it can be said that his stylish pattern is another developed progression in the African music history.

This mighty track was made by the super blazing icon single vocally, it is not a difficult issue to take all song alone by this qualitative star for he set out to be like that.


The track compile multiple verses compiled with strong chorus which is all taken by Omah Lay alone, his talent does not lack in terms of project making.

It is not only on this track he display his qualitative talent alone, it is like a nature to him, for he yet still does not collaborate with any local artiste, only does that will to collaborate him.


Actually his talent and creativity is not just limited on singing but also involves the production aspect, his notes on instrumentals are very different and exceptional.

He is an actual professional record producer, he fully define entertainment in whole, his magical stylish pattern is strongly compelling, which is highly demonstrated.

R= 8/10

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