Omah Lay – Temptations [Music Review]

Omah Lay Temptation Music Review
Omah Lay Temptation Music Review

Omah Lay Temptations Music Review

Artiste: Omah Lay

Title: Temptation

Genre: Afro-pop

Track Duration: 2:51Mins

Released Date: July 30, 2022

Reviewer: Abdulmatin

Read Temptation Review Below;

Omah Lay is a Nigerian singer with talent and vocals belonging to the whole world, he is so great in sound and in words.

This is the kind of music that can never be old, he knows well how to make an amazing project, his peaceful lyrics can calm every disturbed souls. The great master piece title by the great star is Temptation, the temptation of the sound he make is positively dangerous hypothetically.

Softly, he construct the lines of this particular track with strong compelling passion and compassion, it is neither good nor better but Best. And the additional calmness and perfection he put on this track beautify the song pattern and layout, his charisma and humor is beyond words.

He gallantly invest his mind into his work, with this kind of music quality, Omah Lay is going to be full of Honors and glories.

However the musical trophy of this particular song is already given to the super star by the fans and others.

So also his lyrics is a master of expression, his flows are element of entertainment and his lines are products of passion and experience.

Somehow, Temptation track did not involve any collaboration, the Iconic star took all the verses and the chorus, but this is not something new to his fans.

He sometimes features but so far, only International artiste receive his collaboration invite.

And on this track he did not wish to because there is nothing left of the song, he singly full his amazing pattern in and out of the beat professionally.

Moreover, the great star did not only specialize in making the song and lyrics but also he is an exclusive sound producer, his talent in that angle also is not small.

He has been producing his song till date, and specifically, this track, titled Temptation is one the example of his talent in bulk.

Temptation is rated 8/10


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