Omah Lay I [Music Review]

Omah Lay I Music Review


Artiste: Omah Lay

Title: I

Genre: Afro-pop/R&B

Track Duration: 3:13Mins

Released Date: July 15, 2020

Reviewer: Imran 

 I Music Review

This kind of exclusive project with classical nature require an exclusive effort of an exclusive talent of a true star.

Omah Lay is a Nigerian singer with strong global recognition and anticipation, his quality is undoubtedly special.

His records have been uplifting tremendously in charismatic manner, the structure and layout of tune he is giving is exceptional.

Probably, this magical style of the star defines nature, his work and efforts in the entertainment atmosphere is beyond compare.

Actually, there is no doubt in anticipating this great masterpiece neither from the fans nor the artist himself. However, this has been a known situation before and it is now assured and continuously.

I track by Omah Lay is filled with inspirational quotes and phrases talk less of the vocal quality in other hand.

Somehow, it is a track with no collaboration and it is not the first of the stars project alone.

Meanwhile this mighty track consist of three solid verses nicely done and refined alone by the superstar, well cooked, specially. The chorus also filled softly amazing with Omah Lays talent single vocally, and nevertheless his lines in the lyrics of the great masterpiece.

Concurrently, he simultaneously made a series of eventual masterpieces on and on without stopping limit, which make out the best in him.

He keeps on referring to himself lyrically in whatever the situation that matters metaphorically.

The qualitative production produced by the sound maker burst off great minds for he posses such quality solidly.



Omah Lay clearly clarify his quality in any angle and his demonstrations are strongly effective, he surely on this particular song indicates his capability and competence in what ever requirement.

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