How To Communicate In Business in 2021

How To Communicate In Business in 2021


Business is all about the provision of goods and services to customers, by an organized entity, for a fee.
For businesses to be successful, proper communication must be established with all stakeholders employees, management, customers, creditors, government, etc. – of the business enterprise. Doing so is never a task to be taken for granted and requires an investment in time and effort. As students of accounting, hoping to serve within the ambit of business in the nearby future, the aim of this course is to avail you with the skills necessary for effective communication. The concepts of communication and language will therefore be put forward at this introductory stage. In addition, you will be familiarized with the significance of communication to business entities as well as the characteristics of effective communication. Concept of Communication It is a long accepted axiom that communication is the key to success in relationships – whether they be in the workplace, family settings or any other social setting. However, just what does the term connote?

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A broad definition of communication is given by Pearson and Nelson (2000) as the process of understanding and sharing meaning. Borrowing from Daniels and Spiker (1994), Hartley and Bruckmann (2002) further define communication as shared meaning created among two or more people through verbal and nonverbal transaction.
What we are therefore able to take away from these two definitions is that:
i. Communication is a process,
ii. It involves two or more persons or parties,
iii. It may be verbal or nonverbal, and
iv.Its goal is to share meaning and understanding.
Given this conceptualization, we could say that business communication involves all the processes, verbal and nonverbal, by which the business enterprise shares information with relevant stakeholders.

Concept of Language

Since communication is all about sharing meaning and understanding, it becomes necessary to do so through a generally accepted tool or medium.

This is where language comes into play. According to the Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, OALD (2006) language is

1) the system of communication in speech and writing that is used by people of a particular country or area.

2) the use by humans of a system of sounds and words to communicate.

3) a particular style of speaking or writing, characterized as bad, foul, strong or the like.

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