Feezy – Siddabaru [Music Review]

Feezy Siddabaru Music Review

Artiste: Feezy

Title: Siddabaru

Genre: Afro-pop/Rap

Track Duration: 3:51Mins

Released Date: June 14, 2021

Reviewer: Abdulmatin

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Feezy is a Northern Nigerian classical singer, his music style is totally exceptional and exclusive, it is like another musical dimension.

The pattern of singing of this artiste is supernatural, he can mold every kind of tongue he likes on any kind of beat. And there is a strange taste of his melody, the vocald of his tongue are very exremely special, nothing is less for this artiste.

Siddabaru track is some kind of musical fusion of multiple music patterns and also, the song lyrics too is another quality dimension.

Moreover, this mighty track belongs to the great singer Feezy, he certainly craft all the individual quality of the song. He sew in his dazzling flows in and out of the sound, the lyrical lines he loads is extensively awesome.

Meanwhile the song chorus is filled with Feezy’s vocals plus other parts around the sound notes. Somehow the track consist of double good collaboration, the kind that by simple judgement, it deserve the quality standard required.

One of the collaborative artiste involve in this masterpiece include the well known talented rapper called Dj Ab. Dj Ab is also a Northern Nigerian artiste with good music standard reputation, is like he construct his legacy already.

Thus he handle some parts of the song hook together with the song owner, it is highly special to have such artiste on the same track.

Also the other talented mind on the other collaborative angle of the track is the well known Lil Prince, a great rapper with strong creative flows.

Lil Prince has already proven his quality on this particular track, the magical lines and pattern in flexible manner.

All the track space is fill up with enticing moderation of a stylish pattern from both the song owner and the featured artiste.

Siddabaru is rated 7.5/10


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