FAVE Body Riddim [Music Review ]

FAVE Body Riddim Music Review


Artiste: FAVE

Title: Body Riddim

Genre: Afro-pop

Track Duration: 3:10Mins

Released Date: October 9, 2021

Reviewer: Imran 

 Body Riddim Music Review

This is a craft of an exclusive talent and creativity, the level of brilliance on the artiste owning the track is super standard. Nothing like a nuisance trace available on this exclusive piece of sound, the talent is beyond special, the amazing nature of the song entails.


Body Riddim track is by the Globally respected and celebrated singer famously known by the name FAVE, she is a great musical instrument.

FAVE is a Legendary Nigerian super star with a gigantic audience globally and she has prove her worth in the music industry.

She happens to set out an exemplary sound of perfection and on this track also, her sense of humor is unavoidable. She has the singing magic deep in her soul.

However, this greatly done masterpiece contain only her impressive talent, no trace of collaborative effort anticipated on the master piece.

FAVE single vocally fill up all the musical space on this particular with her enticing melody. It is an amazing style to emerge with currently. Somehow she blend in from the song beginning with a strong passionate verse, her vocals alone is enough for that particular verse.

And the song chorus is a classical picture of singing intelligence, it has some sort of creative tone twist with awesome lines and rhythms.

In all, she intensify the song with extensive skills and professionality, the song vibe exclusively reflect her pretty personality.

Further more, she purify the quality of the song with another strong verse and tempo, deep in the song frequency, she plant in her self.

Nothing more is left to be done on this track as she completely fill up the beats notes excessively, this define her quality as a singer.


Generally, her attitude on the track is the key point and the center of the whole song standard and quality, she however defines the song quality.

And a single fact of such kind and magnitude is highly enough to render such quality standard of a craft, she sounds extraordinary special as she is.


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