Dj Ab Shike Nan (In A Benz) [Music Review]

Dj Ab Shike Nan (In A Benz) Music Review


Artiste: Dj Ab

Title: Shike Nan (In A Benz)

Genre: Hip-Hop

Track Duration: 3:00Mins

Released Date: July 15, 2022

Reviewer: Imran 

Shike Nan (In A Benz) Music Review

In so many angle and perspective musically, Dj Ab has and is still proving his worth and quality in the wide music industry.

His concentration in the music atmosphere is rapidly advancing and strongly impacting in every scenario, it seem like an unstoppable process for the Icon.

Is like he knows exactly his fanbase appetite for music, despite the diversity of his listeners appetite, he always creatively work hard enough to meet their taste variety.

Specially, his unique excessive talent is never in doubt whenever sound matters, no any back down trace in his performance.

Primarily, Shike Nan (in the Benz) sound track is his latest recent drop project, it is with great profit that the song is still in trending process ever since been release.

This mighty track titled Shike Nan by Dj Ab is a Hausa rap pattern style in unique manner, he find the way of planting his words perfectly in every beat he attack.

His lines are strongly enticing so also his stylish pattern, he specially twist his lines lyrically amazing on the beat.

The flows are well developed and he sweetly modify the sound, the way Dj Ab has his own way of upgrading his work in every participation he take part pretty good.

And without degradation his talent is assured and confirm, the certainty of good work anticipation about the star is undoubtedly. His tongue did not have any faulty flows.

Somehow the super star did not feature anyone on the track, he alone modify and strategize his tune in the beat.


Shike Nan sound track By Dj Ab is a high class exclusive project with honor attraction and progressive motive.
It is with great pleasure, this track make it to the trendy phase of the season.

No doubt the track deserves appreciation and anticipation of such level it has.

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