Dj Ab Ke Dani [Music Review]

Dj Ab Ke Dani Music Review


Artiste: Dj Ab

Title: Ke Dani

Genre: Afro-pop/Rap

Track Duration: 3:35Mins

Released Date: December 08, 2021

Reviewer: Imran 

Ke Dani Music Review

A beautiful love song with strange constructive pattern of style, it is a sensational penetrative sound track with a touching lines.

This amazing track is emotionally special, such clever style of love song is like a new dimension of the musical pattern.

It is all about expression and clarification of deep emotional feelings in a fashionable way, the passion is amazing.

Ke Dani track clearly describe some inner creativity of the artiste, he mold every lines deeply enticing around the beat notes.

He surely knows perfectly how to simplify a very good sound creatively, his charisma is undeniable and he perfects in shearing his talent.

The lyrical pattern of this flexible artiste has been key in this work improvement, it is like some magic how he knows perfectly where to plant his words.

However, the track is made all by himself alone, without any feature, he took all part of the beat exclusively enticing and professional.

The great sound track Ke Dani Has three solid verses and one musically mighty chorus and is all handled by the talented artiste.

He sings in the chorus part which he sounds extraordinary original and creative, one great thing about him is his talent flexibility.

The way he twist the vocals on the chorus part one can fully verify him as a pure singer, but that is not just what he can do. Dj Ab is great enough to be able to sing and rap perfectly special, he specialize in every musical pattern, he is a natural.



This is clearly showing the sound quality from top to bottom, the song standard, artiste quality and the work perfection, this is an honor giving sound track

Professionally, he took on the verses with his rapping skills, he killed every bit of the beat cells and beautify it.


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