Dj Ab Daban Ne [Music Review]

Dj Ab Daban Ne Music Review


Artiste: Dj Ab

Title: Daban Ne

Genre: Hausa Hip-Hop

Track Duration: 3:24Mins

Released Date: December 10, 2017

Reviewer: Imran 

Daban Ne Music Review


Daban Ne is a Northern hip-hop vibe track by the northern Hip-hop star popularly known as Dj Ab. This great masterpiece is like an anthem along the streets, it makes good impact in the positive angle of entertainment.

The strong enticing flows contain of the song is exceptional so as the star on the track.

So, Dj Ab finds it very easy to amazingly hang his tempting lines and tone on every note and corner of the beat, his
excessive talent is highly beyond underrating.

Mainly, the song is compiled of Three solid verses done by the iconic star alone, without any collaboration he swing in his talent in the sound track field.

However this is not the first of his talent capacity demonstrate most especially recently, his great habit of  entertaining is never fading.

Essentially, the song chorus only defines the artiste quality melodically, his charismatic behavior did not just enhance his projects but also the Great growing Northern music industry at large.

Concurrently, the song been popping up in the trends list for over the expected duration which indicate the quality and impact of the sound to the his fans. But not just his fans only, so also the high level audience needed is also impacted.

The sound track production is also an important angle to sight regarding the nature and impact of the sound widely, it is never in doubt of the stars quality nor the production quality.

Lastly, This great masterpiece Called Daban Ne surely defines Dj Ab’s importance in the northern, National and the global music industry.


Nevertheless the enticing music instruments grouped together by one kind talented head and hands to make up this great masterpiece should not be left out of the complementing atmosphere.

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