Babskid Cika Na [Music Review]

Babskid Cika Na Music Review


Artiste: Babskid

Title: Cika Na 

Genre: Hip-hop/Afro-pop

Track Duration: 2:37Mins

Released Date:  June 24, 2022

Reviewer: Imran 

Cika Na Music Review

Today i will have to start by welcoming you all to the written Music review of Cika Na track by Babskid.

First of all Babskid is a Northern Nigerian Hip-hop/pop star with excessive talent, his creativity is very impressing. The nature of his contributions melodically is beyond local capacity as his talent and projects are.

Babskid is a rapper and same time a singer, his flexibility and positivity on instrumentals are beyond amazing compliment.

His efforts is always dedicated to his listeners as he never partially indicate a tiny bit of disappointment.

Primarily, Cika Na track is a sweet sensational love song with evolved pattern and style of a maestro. The touching vibe of the track is surely compelling considering the fans reactions of the track most especially the positive genders.

Cika Na track is another point of development for the star as it impacted the increment of the icon fanbase and recognition positively.

However, the sound track is by the super Northern Nigerian Icon alone without a trace of collaboration, it is with all his personal energy alone.

He solemnly took out the verses and the chorus all by himself which is his habit professionally.

Somehow This amazing track contain two nicely plotted verses sensationally amazing, by which he rap on the first and sing on the second.

The flexibility, pattern and flows are properly modified talk less of the lyrical lines of the mighty verses.
It is with great pleasure he took on the chorus, his tone and style is exceptional, nothing bad is part of this great track.


Lastly, the extreme calmness he possess on this mighty track can not be overlooked and most importantly the chorus, the chorus is beyond natural temptation.

And not to forget the kind of tempting behavior of his fans about this amazing, lyrically touching song.

R = 6/10


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