Ali Jita – Aya Aya [Music Review]

Ali JIta Aya Aya Music Review
Ali JIta Aya Aya Music Review

Ali JIta Aya Aya Music Review

Artiste: Ali Jita

Title: Aya Aya

Genre: Afro-pop

Track Duration: 2:51Mins

Released Date: August 24, 2021

Reviewer: Abdulmatin

Read The Review Of Aya Aya Song by Ali Jita Below;

Ali Jita is an exclusive Northern singer with strong and modern vibes that can easily ease off a hot tempered soul.

His musical intelligence can not be estimated, the structure of his music pattern differs from many musician.
And the soft touching tone of his vocals enhance this particular track called Aya Aya, he his talented.

However the song is a sweet soft touching love song, the lyrical nature of the track alone is enough to rate it best.

And with so many available collaboration stands, Ali Jita singly fill the song with his charismatic lines and flows.
somehow, he alone sing in the beat perfectly professional without any trace of faulty vocal arrangement.

Despite he did not collaborate with any other artiste, the song quality is never in doubt, and it reach the level required.

But with all the song length and the beats complication, the super star happens to handle it well accurate.

This super star is very impressively compelling with the magical flows he insert in and out of the beat.

Meanwhile this is the nature of Ali Jita on any great instrumental he participate, he assure his quality musically.

Aya Aya track is one of a kind sound track filled with professional lines and vocals of a professional musician.

It consist of three solidly nice enticing verses, compile together with several musical qualities of a maestro. Nevertheless, his matured lyrics and the charismatic nature of the lyrics renders his current music standard partially.

It is lika a universal sound which deserve universal anticipation but still it somehow obtain such standard practically.

Lastly this mighty sound is a high class complex quality track, with strong special contributions of both the talented artiste and creative producer. It has the quality of any top class honor deserved sound tracks.

Aya Aya is rated 8.5/10 


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