Adelen Mala [Music Review]

Adelen Mala Music Review


Artiste: Adelen

Title: MALA

Featured Artiste: Fireboy DML

Genre: Afro-pop/R&B

Track Duration: 2:35Mins

Released Date: June 23, 2022

Reviewer: Imran 

 Mala Music Review

The track Mala is good sound by the professional singer known globally by the name Adelen, an international artiste with pure talent and fame.

FAVE is the type of musician that have the creative mind of making a sweet sensational sound that can touch through every soul.

Some sort of charismatic nature she has and without any comparison, she define her quality musically special.

Meanwhile this has been her habit, the habit of making a hit sound for her listeners all over the globe.

Also the style and pattern of her music in so unique and dynamic, she have the magic of switching vocals anyhow.

And the vocals she is not just ordinary but with some magical structure, no doubt she is a maestro singer.


However, She does not make the great sound track Mala alone but with the vocal presence of another great singer. And this other singing Legend is the famous Nigerian singer, globally known to be Fireboy DML, the existing Legend.

Somehow, Fireboy finds the beat too easy to plug in his sweet magical vocals around the notes and make a great sound.


As known of the great singer, his capability and talent magnitude which somehow magnify his inner deep brilliance.

Both the singers mold in the flows of their tongues perfectly special which renders the quality of the track in all.

They both modify their stylish pattern in and out of the instrumental, it is highly sensational the way both artiste sing on it.



Nothing pertaining this track is faulty in any manner of judgement, their quality is widely spread all over the sound track.

The sound, the kick, the lines, the vocals, the artiste and the production of the sound is excellent.

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